About the DSS Lab

What is the DSS Lab?

The DSS Lab serves students who are learning to overcome the difficulties of dyslexia.  DSS stands for "Dyslexia Supplemental Services".  Students learn to "feel" sounds as well as hear and see them.  By adding this third sense to the process, many students learn to distinguish letters that used to seem very similar to them.  Try it:  when you make the sounds for b, p, and d, your tongue and lips do different things.  This is "feeling" the sounds! 
In the DSS Reading Lab, each student is served individually to meet his or her specific needs.  We work on all aspects of reading:  phonics (sounds), decoding words, sight words, fluency, and comprehension.  When you walk in to visit, you may find students using the "Lexia" computer program, working on sight words with Mrs. Arjona or working on individual or small groups lessons with Mrs. Boles.  You may find us practicing and performing Reader's Theater or reading a chapter book.  We also learn to "visualize and verbalize" using pictures to help us form mental pictures of what we read.  Sometime it looks like we are just playing games--but games can lead us to further understanding of the reading process, too.  Our goal is to help students succeed in reading and gain confidence in their own reading ability.