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Running Club

Sponsors: Mr. Lopez Mrs. Loredo
Welcome to Running Club
Practice Schedule
Tuesdays and Thursdays 3:00-3:45
(All members)
Cold Weather Running
RVE Running Club will have running practice during the winter months. Please see that students are dressed out for running in the cold weather (long sleeve t-shirt, light jacket, hat). We will work out in the gym if it rains, and we will cancel practice for icy weather. If you think that it is too cold for running outside, send a note to the classroom teacher and inform them that your son/daughter will not be staying for Running Club. It won’t count against any member for not coming to practice because of cold weather. We respect your judgement. Thank you.
Running Club Procedures
  • With your teacher’s permission, change into running clothes and wait in the bus line with your class. 
  • When bus students are exiting the building,  walk to the waiting area
  • You may eat a light snack such as animal crackers or graham crackers. (No ice cream or candy, and don’t leave a mess in the hallway)
  • You may read or speak softly to the person next to you while you wait.  (No electronic devices)
  • Leave your belongings in the hall against the wall.
  • Be ready to follow instructions
If you feel ill, call your parents before school is dismissed and make arrangements to go home. You will be expected to run if you stay for practice.